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Maximus Financial Services

Maximus Financial Services is a California based real estate company that provides niche lending solutions for all types of residential and commercial borrowers seeking to access the equity in their real estate holdings quickly and at competitive rates. Whether it is a developer needing a quick bridge loan to complete a construction project or an investor seeking to take immediate advantage of a bank write-down or prime buying opportunity, Maximus Financial Services investor resources continue to fill in the gaps where banks and other private money sources leave off – with over $50M available for the funding of 1st and 2nd loans throughout California.

Maximus Financial Services, Inc.

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Niche Lending Solutions

Achieve “Capital Advantage!” Find, acquire and renovate the property of your choice and use our private money loans for renovation expenses. Our turnkey private money and rehabilitation programs allow you to finance less-than-attractive real estate and fix and flip them into high margin yielding investment properties.


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Recent Works

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We Are A Solution Oriented Lender

We are a solution oriented lender, and can often customize a loan to suit the needs to a specific scenario.  Having done 100’s of transactions as real estate investors, the team at Maximus Financial Services can evaluate your scenario from many angles, often guiding you to the most beneficial funding terms based on your goals.  While many lenders will push a program that will earn them the most money, we truly strive to provide the highest level of service and guidance to keep your investment safe.
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Maximus Financial Services

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